Privacy Policy

We do not collect any user specific data from our listeners or from visitors to our website. We do collect general visitor data from our server logs but we have no, nor do we employ any, specific user tracking.

We do receive user statistics from Apple Podcasts and Google Podcast, but we do not collect user specific data. We have no idea what either Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts may be collecting on you, that's really not our bag.

Any information obtained through merchandise sales will only be used to complete the sale and will not be retained.

You may submit a request for all information we have on you through our Twitter "X" account. Spoiler: If you request this information, it's very likely all you will get back is the contact request you just submitted because we really just don't care enough to track you. At least that is how I feel (this is James), I do wonder what Christopher would get up to if left to his own devices. I kind of worry that he would go through your sock drawer, he seems to have a thing for socks. But this is why I (James) am in control of the website, to keep your socks safe from Christopher.

We only request information for the purpose of direct communication with our listeners.

The information you provide (which is none, unless you send us some of your socks) is stored only within our own computer networks and is safeguarded with all reasonable precautions.